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Individual Therapy

In a warm, supportive and judgement free space....

Explore who you are and the challenges you face, getting insight into what holds your current functioning in place, what role you play in your family and/or workplace, and what opportunities are available to do things differently. 

Understand how you came to be as you are, and process past traumas, losses and disappointments, so they become

less limiting in the present, freeing up energy to face today's challenges, and reducing destructive and addictive behaviour.

Learn how to self-regulate and develop more mastery over your emotions, expanding your window of tolerance and increasing the flexibility with which you respond to stress.


Define what is necessary and important to you, and work at bringing your choices and behaviour into congruence with your needs, goals and principles, giving you greater satisfaction and contentment in your life and relationships.


Develop more compassion for, acceptance of and confidence in yourself, strengthening and stabilising your relationship with yourself and growing your capacity for connection, community and belonging with others.


Build yourself a life worth living - whatever that means to you. 


Boulders on the Beach

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Sessions run for 55 mins and cost $230 (GST inclusive). 

85 min sessions can be arranged for initial sessions if the presenting problem has a long, complex history.

Typically clients attend sessions weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on what they can manage, and how much support and stabilisation they need.

Couples Therapy

Enter a relationship space that supports you to get beyond the usual relationship 'ping pong' and allows you to understand and see both yourself and your partner with more clarity. 


Identify the relationship patterns and dynamics that you are stuck in, and learn how to get beyond blame and work on changing your part in the relationship dance. 

Learn to communicate your feelings, needs and limits, and listen to those of your partner, so that you can resolve arguments and not re-hash the same old hurts over and over.

Work on issues of closeness and distance, individuality and togetherness and learn how to balance these counterbalancing life forces in your relationship.

Be supported through a relationship crisis or stressful event, such as infidelity, a health or financial crisis, in-law issues, the birth of a child, the death of a significant family member.

Create more connection, understanding and satisfaction in your relationship, and enjoy more appreciation of where each other comes from and why each behaves the way they do.

Learn how to cope with and be helpful in your partner's trauma, addiction, mood or eating disorder, differentiate between support and enabling, and preserve the lifeline of  relationship connectivity with your partner. 


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Introductory sessions for couples run for 85 mins and cost $375 (GST inclusive). Thereafter, sessions run for 55 mins and cost $250 (GST inclusive).

Couples tend to attend sessions fortnightly or monthly unless they feel more intensive support is required. Once couples are stable they attend sessions less frequently - every 6 to 8 weeks, or as needed.

Family Therapy

Enter a calmer and less emotionally reactive space than home to think through and feel into family relationships and issues, and get clear on the roles each family member is playing and the dynamics/relationship patterns you are caught in.

Develop an appreciation for what your family has faced over time, and how they have adapted in the face of challenges and stressors, whilst identifying opportunities for engaging less survival-based strategies going forward.

Identify anchoring supports and protective factors for your family, and work at settling and stabilising the family system. 

Learn to engage boundaries to create more safety in family relationships and communication.

Reduce the amount of emotional distance between family members by talking about the issues you are avoiding to 'keep the peace' or have gone silent on so as not to 'rock the boat'.


Talk through issues calmly that have been too 'radioactive' to talk about at home and have typically led to explosive conflicts where no one gets heard and nothing gets resolved. 

Get clear on what each family member's feelings, needs and limits are, so that you have more of a 'reality' picture of each other and more clarity about what each other's behaviour means and is trying to achieve.

Be supported through a significant stress or family transition that has destabilised the family - the end of  a marriage, children leaving home, a financial crisis, a birth or death, a parenting issue, a mental or physical health crisis or addiction. Help restore calm, connection and cooperation.

Wild Horses on the Prarie

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Introductory Family Therapy sessions run for 85 mins and cost $375 (GST inclusive). Thereafter, sessions run for 55 mins and cost $250 (GST inclusive).

It is not necessary for all family members to attend the therapy. Those who are motivated to attend can lead a change. It is my preference to begin with the marital partners, and then invite willing children in at a later date if they would like to be part of the process. 

Families who would like to do a significant body of work in a short space of time are encouraged to attend my 2 day Family Workshop, which is the equivalent of 6-12 months of therapy and receives incredible reviews from its attendees. 


Inviting and Leading Change - 1 Day Workshop

A warm and non-judgemental space will be provided for couples and families facing alcoholism, addiction or other mood disorders to grapple with the hard questions and get clear on.....

  • What happens in couples/families relationship-wise when one member has an addiction or mood disorder

  • What kind of help really helps, and which help hinders

  • What fuels and intensifies the problem

  • How to protect one's self in the face of challenging, destabilising or dangerous behaviour

  • How to find the gold in the family addiction crisis

A workshop for anyone who loves someone affected by an addiction or mood disorder and is interested in becoming part of the solution and learning how to invite a change. 


**Participants are also welcome to join a weekly "Stay Accountable and in the Solution" group after completing this workshop, which can help them action their learnings. 

Moving Beyond Blame - 2 Day Workshop

This workshop is for couples and families who have missed out on doing a Family Program during their inpatient rehab stay, or for any couple or family facing a relationship crisis or period of transition that requires support. The workshop allows families to improve their communication, deepen their sense of connection to one another, begin the process of establishing healthy boundaries and find a new way to move forward. 

A powerful workshop for anyone who is committed to their own change process, getting beyond blame and becoming more of who they are in their couple or family relationships. 

Cliffs and Ocean

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Inviting and Leading Change:

2022 dates to be advised

Location: Virtual Workshop

Fee: $300 per person

Attend this workshop with your affected loved one if they are interested, or without if they are not. The entire family does not have to attend, just those motivated to understand the problem and make changes.

Moving Beyond Blame:

2022 dates to be advised 

Location: Camperdown

Fee: $400 per person

Attend this workshop with your spouse/partner or any family member willing to work on the family struggle.

What Workshop Participants Say

"I could not have imagined a better outcome for this process.  Anna is a fabulous facilitator.  It was such a heartwarming experience and I feel so privileged to have been a part of the process.  I feel so much change within my family already."

"Highly recommend. I can't believe how much my partner and I got out of the workshop!"

"An amazing experience and so helpful for us to move forward in dealing with past and future issues."

"I highly recommend and endorse the program and the facilitator (Anna). The content was life changing...a real pivotal moment in my life.  Thank you."

"This course was everything for my family. I loved the experience and will be forever grateful to Anna and the group, 10/10."

"Completely eye-opening and rewarding...opened my eyes in so many ways."

"So much better than I could ever have imagined. I feel blessed to have done this with Anna."

"Exceptional. Could not have been better."

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