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How Can I SuPPORT My



What is addiction?     How did this happen?      Is it my fault?    What should I do?     How can I help?

In this supportive and illuminating workshop, families can connect with others who are facing the same struggles. We provide a non-judgemental and warm-hearted space for families to grapple with the hard questions and get some clarity around....

What addiction is

What happens in families relationship-wise when one member has an addiction

What kind of help really helps

What fuels and intensifies the problem

How to protect one's self in the face of unacceptable behaviour

How to find the gold in the family addiction crisis

A workshop for anyone who loves someone affected by an addiction and is interested in

becoming part of the solution. 



When: 10 - 5pm 23rd March


Where: 30 Pyrmont Bridge Rd Camperdown

Facilitator: Anna Lloyd


Investment:  $280 per family

Male Model


"I could never have imagined a better outcome for this process.  Anna is a fabulous facilitator.  It was such a heartwarming experience and I feel so privileged to have been a part of the process.  I feel so much change within my family already."
"I highly recommend and endorse the program and the facilitator (Anna). The content was life changing...a real pivotal moment in my life.  Thank you."
"This course was everything for my family. I loved the experience and will be forever grateful to Anna and the group, 10/10."
Calm Sea

Couples Facing Addiction

Can our relationship survive this?     Should I stay or go?     How can I help instead of hurt?     Can we grow through this?

In this moving and insightful workshop, couples will have an opportunity to connect with other couples who's relationships have been impacted by addiction. The workshop will support participants as they grapple with and get clarity around...

The hidden dynamics of relationships affected by addiction

What the particular challenges are for each partner and how to navigate their way through

How to protect one's self in the face of the other's unacceptable behaviour

The difference between supporting and enabling

Using the pain to deepen relationship rather than kill connection

This is a workshop for anyone who is in a relationship that has been affected by addiction,

who is interested in gaining more insight and awareness into their own part in the relationship dance,

and resourcing themselves to live more in the solution, and create greater relationship satisfaction.


When:  10am-4pm March 13 & 14

Where: 30 Pyrmont Bridge Rd

          Camperdown, Sydney

Investment: $380 per couple


Facilitator: Anna Lloyd


"Highly recommend. I can't believe how much my partner and I got out of the workshop!"


"An amazing experience and so helpful for us to move forward in dealing with past and future issues."

"Completely eye-opening and rewarding...opened my eyes in so many ways."

"So much better than I could ever have imagined. I feel blessed to have done this with Anna."

"Exceptional. Could not have been better."

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