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Do you love someone addicted to alcohol or drugs? Or are you yourself the addicted family member?  Is someone in your family suffering from a mood disorder or is your family being tossed around in the storm of a complex trauma history? 


When someone in the family is living with a chronic mental health condition, the entire family lives with it. This can put immense pressure on family relationships. Families get tangled up in each others problems in complex ways and much of what distressed family members do to 'help', can actually add fuel to the fire and intensify the problem. 

Quality professional help from an experienced and well trained clinician can help couples and families navigate terrain that is too daunting to face alone, and can make a significant difference in how addictions, trauma and mood disorders play out, reducing the degree of impact the problem has on family relationships. 


Anna can work with any motivated family member to help bring about change in your family. It is not necessary for the whole family to attend sessions. Whoever is motivated and willing to work on the problem can become part of the solution and lead a change.



A Word From Anna

"I help families create more satisfying and sustainable ways of relating to each other and coping with the challenges they face. As a person who has spent my entire adult life studying and working to understand families (especially my own quite complex one). I am endlessly fascinated by and curious about what families face, how they adapt to stressors, what they overcome, what survival strategies they employ and what opportunities exist for doing things differently. It is always my hope that in the course of working with me my clients will be inspired to understand who they are in their families currently, and then work to become more of who they want to be."

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Living outside of Sydney?


If you live in a regional area, or in a country outside of Australia, I can still work with you. I work with people from all over Australia and other parts of the world via Zoom and Facetime, and I am also happy to do phone sessions, if that is your preference.


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