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This course can no longer be booked.

Inviting and Leading Change

For Couples/Families Facing Alcohol, Addiction or other Mood Disorder

  • Ended
  • 300 Australian dollars
  • 30 Pyrmont Bridge Rd Camperdown

Service Description

This workshop is designed to help people manage the very challenging terrain that comes with loving someone who is battling an addiction or mood disorder. When someone in the family is living with a chronic mental health condition, the entire family lives with it, putting immense pressure on relationships. Families get tangled up in each other's problems in complex ways and much of what distressed and well-meaning family members do to 'help', can actually add fuel to the fire and intensify the problem. A family systems lens can offer a fresh perspective on both the nature of the problem, and its solution, and significantly empower people to journey alongside their loved one in a way that is helpful, sustainable and preserving of the relationship. It only takes one motivated individual in a couple or family to lead a change, and the affected individual is very often not in a position for the change to begin with them. If you are willing to be that person, are sick of fumbling in the dark trying to work out what to do, and would like to become more informed, considered and resourced in your approach, this workshop could be valuable for you. A warm and non-judgemental space will be provided for couples and families to grapple with the hard questions and get clear on.....​​ - What happens in couple/family relationships when one member develops an addiction or mood disorder - How to differentiate between helping versus hindering, and enabling versus supporting - Which behaviours engaged in by well-meaning partners and family members inadvertently add fuel to the fire and intensify the problem - How to draw limits and boundaries effectively in the face of behaviours that are challenging, destabilising or dangerous  - The difference between inviting change and forcing it Attend alone, or with other interested family members. Participants will leave this workshop with a calmer and wider lens on the problem, and significantly more clarity on how to navigate their relationship with their loved one, preserve the connection between them and contribute helpfully.

Contact Details


106 Boundary Street, Paddington NSW, Australia

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